Hypothesis:  A Bachelorette Party for a single girl is a good idea.

Background:  I love my friend Leanne because she is down for whatever featherbrained scheme I come up with.  Not only does she go along with my ideas, she gets just as excited about them as I do – no matter how absurd they may seem to others.  One of my favorite such memories was the day I asked her to throw me a bachelorette party.  I didn’t even have a boyfriend but did Leanne point this out?  Of course not.  She just asked when would be a good weekend for me?  I said next weekend, she said done and the rest is history.


  • “Bachelorette” tiara
  • Fake engagement ring
  • “Bachelorette” sash
  • Necklace with a pink whistle
  • “Last Night Out To-Do List” – See Appendix A

Procedure:  We decided on Springfield, Illinois for the location partly because I had never been there but mostly because Leanne lived there at the time.  It was a three hour car ride but it only felt like six and by the time I arrived I was ready for my big night.  Before dinner we shotgunned some Natty’s cans in her Buick out in the restaurant parking lot because back in 2006 we were not the sophisticated ladies that we are today.  Over dinner we formulated a “Last Night Out To-Do List” for the evening, which included goals such as “dance with bald guy” and “wink at a guy and lick your lips.”  

Appendix A

After dinner Leanne decorated me with a “Bachelorette” tiara, big fake diamond ring, whistle necklace and sash – just in case we didn’t attract enough attention by being two of approximately eight attractive females in Springfield (hold the angry letters please – it was just an estimate).  Leanne invited a bunch of friends out and we were off…

Observations:  If there is one thing we learned from that night, it’s that guys love a bachelorette party – and they already know about the list!  In fact, they ask to see it in case there’s anything on there they might want to be a part of.  One guy bought me three shots (an item on the list) and then offered up his boxers.

“But that’s not on my list,” I argued.

“But you gotta get a dude’s boxers on your last fling,” he insisted.

I do?  Before I could protest further, he took off.  I thought I was in the clear but it turned out he was just going to the bathroom to de-underwear himself.

“Here you are, my lady,” he said as he held out his boxers to me.  He seemed rather pleased with himself and I didn’t want to ruin his fun – and those shots were kicking in – so I accepted his drawers and slipped them on over my jeans.  Notice my look of pure happiness to be wearing a stranger’s dirty drawers:

Side note:  I don’t know why there is a puddle surrounding me.  Perhaps I peed myself from the sheer joy of the moment, it’s really hard to say.  More likely, when no one was looking, I tossed the shots over my shoulder as I have been known to do on occassion.
Conclusion:  Unable to determine whether or not a fake Bachelorette Party is necessarily a good idea, but it was definitely a fun one.  Subjects may need to test hypothesis again… what do you say, Leanne?