Dear Future Self,

If you are still working 60 hours a week for that creepy, soul-less hypocrite that calls himself your boss, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Past Self

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an easy way to email yourself in the future?  1 year from now?  10 years from now?  A reminder for next week, even?  Last year I emailed myself a no nonsense letter telling my future self (now my present self) what was what.  If you are still doing X or talking to Y or not making progress on Z, stop complaining because you’ve been unhappy with X or Y or Z for a year now and obviously haven’t done anything to help yourself.  Luckily, in the past year I have taken steps towards my goals so my email from old Marisa was a pleasant surprise.

I think I’m going to keep sending these to myself.  Take a few minutes to hold yourself accountable or just remind yourself of your long-term goals.  Visit and no, I didn’t get paid for this.  I like this email capsule generator because A) one year later it actually worked and B) you can sift through what other people have emailed to themselves.

Some of my favorites:

Written 4/29/09, To be delivered 1/10/14:  Did Bret Favre retire yet?

Written 3/11/08, To be delivered 12/25/12:  if youre alive to read this and all is well with the rotation of the earth, then the stupid Myans were wrong again!!

Written 6/8/09, To be delivered 6/18/09:  Call dad and tell him about that one night when he said he had to take a poop at work but didn’t want to but thought, “There’s some guy getting paid minimum wage to clean this so if I stop pooping and everyone else stops pooping that man will be out of a job so I’m gonna poop so he can continue to feed his family.”  Plus, he didn’t think he would make it home.