A couple summers ago the company I was working for rented out a nearby semi-pro baseball stadium so we could play softball all day instead of work.  We had tons of digital pictures and for the most part everyone looked like complete idiots.  We’re not used to physical activity, it was 100 degrees out and we were drinking.  I think we were drinking.  If Risk Management said we shouldn’t drink then we definitely weren’t drinking but I don’t think they even knew we left the office.

I was excited to discover that the pictures were posted to the shared drive at the office because it meant no one would know for sure who blew up all the photos and turned them into Unmotivational Posters.

I recommend doing this in your office.  Just use the generator at bighugelabs.com/motivator and remember:  If it’s nice and clean, work-appropriate and doesn’t offend anybody, it’s probably not very funny.