Here it is, as promised in my “DIY Glamour Shots” entry, a little rant on Duck Face.  It goes by other names, but Duck Face is the most common and it’s the one that is recognized by Wikipedia and, therefore, by myself. 
What is Duck Face?
Gurning is the technical term for facial distortion.  Duck Face is a variation of gurning in which an individual (usually a stupid girl) purses their lips and raises their eyebrows in an attempt to look sexy and accentuate their cheekbones.
Urban Dictionary defines Duck Face as:  Stupid facial expression put forth by stupid women that don’t know how to smile. The Duckface is made by moving both lips has [sic] far up and outward as possible. Commonly seen in photos of slutty women where the lighting is too high up or they’re taking photos of themself [sic] in the mirror. 
Encyclopedia Dramatica defines Duck Face as: Fat Girl Angle Shot 2.0.
Here are some examples of how to use Duck Face in a sentence:

“OMG, look at that stupid Duck Face.”

“Stop doing that Duck Face.  You look stupid.”

Variations of Duck Face

Duck Face Hippie – There are several variations of Duck Face.  Duck Facing while giving the peace sign is a very popular variation, especially among the male Duck Facers.
Sad Duck Duck Face – Many girls attempt to look sad while Duck Facing.  They post their Sad Duck Duck Face Facebook photo in black & white or sepia tone.  This helps attract boys who wear skinny jeans:
It’s so sexy how different he is, just like everyone else.

Group Duck Face – Group Duck Face is extremely popular because if everyone else in the flock is doing it, it must be cool, right?  Right?

Duck Face on Spring Break
Duck Face With A Prop – Another variation is the utilization of props.  Here we have two girls holding up some sort of Twilight memorabilia:
Note how these ladies combined Sad Duck Duck Face with Duck Face With A Prop. Genius.
Who Duck Faces?
Well, anyone can Duck Face but it seems especially prevalent among the indigenous orange-skinned, pale-lipped Homo sapien females in heat:
Of course, there are other species that exhibit this behavior, including:
The Orange-Skinned Male
The Orange-Skinned Mom
The Orange-Skinned Couple
(Males and females of Orange Skin are attracted to one another and enjoy clubbing hardcore, even on Tuesdays.)

Where Can I Get More Information About Duck Face?
MySpace and Facebook are great places to start.  Many of the photos in this blog were found doing a Google Images search for “Duck Face Idiots.”

I am also fond of

If you are looking to waste one minute and twenty-seven seconds of your life that you can never get back, here is a link to a Duck Face video montage with a lovely Duck Face song.